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House Reena (academic elite) Empty House Reena (academic elite)

Post by Radio Free Minos on Mon Feb 15, 2016 12:49 pm

House Reena
Like many other Noble Houses, Reena was hit hard by the Empire's changes to the local government. They lost their stronghold on Travnin, as well as their mining interests there, when the Empire decided that system would make an ideal stronghold for their regional operations. However, they did found Darakin University on Travnin, and retain close ties with that institution. As the founders and patrons of the University, House Reena is able to appoint faculty and board members. As most of the young nobles receive their higher education at the University (from Reena retainers and allies), this has given them some measure of influence over the other houses.

Politically, House Reena has thrown its lot in with Houses Mecetti and Calipsa. They have few real enemies, though their relationships with Houses Melantha and Barnaba have cooled due to their support of Mecetti.

Notable Personnel:
  • Lord Galen Panos Reena - A former Dean at Darakin University, Lord Galen assumed leadership of his house 30 years ago.

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