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House Melantha (Imperial allies) Empty House Melantha (Imperial allies)

Post by Radio Free Minos on Mon Feb 15, 2016 11:46 am

House Melantha
An old and powerful house, Melantha has never commanded the power and respect its leaders felt they deserved. With the coming of the Empire, Melantha may now have its chance. Unlike the other houses which resent their exile under Imperial rule, House Melantha has been an active collaborator, seeking Imperial favor at every opportunity. They have even been sending their promising young officer candidates to the Imperial Naval Academy rather than the local Imperial Army garrison, as is customary. This alliance is starting to pay off, as the local Imperial government tends to look the other way whenever House Melantha exceeds the restrictions imposed on the other Noble Houses. While this wins them few friends among the other houses, they may be able to leverage Imperial support to wrest leadership of the Council of Houses away from House Mecetti.

Politically, House Barnaba is considered an ally, but their greatest ally is the Galactic Empire. Their chief rival is House Mecetti, since these two houses are now vying for leadership on the Council.

Notable Personnel:
  • Lord Bal Jaset Melantha - Before rising to leadership in his house, Lord Bal served in the Imperial Court on Imperial Center for 12 years. This has given him the necessary contacts and sympathies to advance his alliance with the Empire.

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