House Pelagia (former ruling house)

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House Pelagia (former ruling house) Empty House Pelagia (former ruling house)

Post by Radio Free Minos on Mon Feb 15, 2016 12:42 pm

House Pelagia
House Pelagia was the ruling Noble House of the Minos Cluster for most of its history. In addition, the Pelagia bloodline was reputed to be strong in the Force, and there were many Pelagia Jedi over the centuries. With the coming of the Empire, their fortunes changed. The Jedi Purge hit Pelagia hard, as all Pelagia Jedi, confirmed or suspected Force-sensitives, and anyone deemed inconvenient was snapped up by the Inquisitorious. The Empire also nationalized virtually all of Pelagia's military assets, leaving them with little ability to defend themselves from their enemies. When the dust settled, House Pelagia was a shadow of its former glory. Their longtime rivals, House Mecetti, was now the ruling house and used their position to inflict numerous indignities upon House Pelagia. With the help of their cousins in House Cadriaan, Pelagia is slowly rebuilding, but under the watchful eye of the Empire, they are unlikely to reestablish their political position.

Politically, House Pelagia's only remaining ally is House Cadriaan. Their enemies include their longtime rival, House Mecetti, as well as Mecetti allies Calipsa and Reena.

Notable Personnel:
  • Theus Paddox Pelagia - The young lord of House Pelagia came to power after his elders were arrest or killed during the Purge. He solidified his ties to House Cadriaan by marrying Lady Bathos's daughter.

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