House Mecetti (current ruling house)

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House Mecetti (current ruling house) Empty House Mecetti (current ruling house)

Post by Radio Free Minos on Mon Feb 15, 2016 11:37 am

House Mecetti
House Mecetti was always an ambitious house, and their conflict with House Pelagia over leadership of the Council of Houses goes back to the founding of both houses. After the Imperial purge of House Pelagia, Mecetti was poised to strike and quickly took over leadership of the Council. However, as soon as they achieved their longtime goal of becoming the ruling house for the Minos Cluster, the Empire reorganized the local government, putting an Imperial Moff in direct control and exiling all Noble Houses, including Mecetti, to Eliad. With the help of their allies, and their de facto control of the local garrison of the Imperial Army, House Mecetti has established an iron grip on Eliad politics.

House Mecetti also has some interesting history. Centuries ago, House Mecetti was home to a Sith cult known as the Mecrosa Order. Ultimately the group was exterminated by the Jedi Order and their allies in House Pelagia, but rumors persist that the Mecrosa Order survived and still does the bidding of the Mecetti leadership. The Mecetti themselves do little to squash such rumors, making the Mecrosa assassins something of a bogeyman in the Minos Cluster.

Politically, House Mecetti has few friends, though they are currently allied with Houses Calipsa and Reena. Their longtime enemy is House Pelagia, though their current rival for leadership of the Council is House Melantha.

Notable Personnel:
  • Lord Bode Leobund Mecetti XI - Lord Bode rose to power 24 years ago when his father was assassinated by poisoning. No one knows who ordered the hit, though some suspect it was Lord Bode himself.

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