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House Barnaba
House Barnaba formerly ruled Adarlon, but like the other local Noble Houses, they have been exiled to their estates on Eliad. Barnaba was always more interested in enjoying the pleasures their lifestyle can afford than in the political machinations of the Noble Houses, so the exile has affected them little, except to make the acquisition of live entertainment a little more difficult. Unique among the Houses, they don't keep their own House Guard, instead outsourcing most of their security needs to Grrytok's Band, a mercenary company comprised mostly of Gamorreans. They have rarely sponsored any officers for the local garrison of the Imperial Army, and their "fleet" has never been anything more than a collection of pleasure craft (which the Empire didn't bother to nationalize). Their primary economic venture has been in the holovid industry - they are heavily invested in many of the studios on Adarlon, though they don't bother with the day-to-day management. House Barnaba parties are known to be a bit more risque than the more formal social events sponsored by the other Houses, making them immensely popular with the younger members of the social elite.

When House Barnaba can be bothered to participate in politics, they have historically been allies of House Melantha and enemies of House Mecetti.

Notable Personnel:

  • Lady Varin Arabella Barnaba - The head of House Barnaba is a young woman who inherited leadership when she was 17, after both of her parents succumbed to disease 5 years ago.
  • Lord Alec Lamere Barnaba - Somewhat unusual for a Barnaba noble, Lord Alec is a Saber Rake, an accomplished duelist and negotiator, and has often been used by his house's leadership to see to Barnaba interests.

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