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House Cadriaan (merchant princes) Empty House Cadriaan (merchant princes)

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House Cadriaan
House Cadriaan was founded from a cadet branch of House Pelagia, with which they still have close ties. Because they were always able to rely on their allies for protection, their House Guard and fleet assets were given a lower priority - much of Cadriaan's focus was on trade and shipping. After the Empire reorganized the local government, exiled the Noble Houses to Eliad, nationalized military assets, and severely reduced the power of House Pelagia, Cadriaan knew it would have to find a way to stand on its own. The profits from engaging in trade throughout the Minos Cluster allowed them to bring their House Guard up to the standards of any other Noble House, while their merchant fleet underwent a series of "refits", improving their armament and defensive capabilities in order to protect themselves against piracy.

Politically, House Cadriaan remains a close and public ally of House Pelagia. Their traditional enemy is House Mecetti, along with Mecetti allies, Houses Calipsa and Reena.

Notable Personnel:
  • Lady Bathos Cadriaan - An iron-willed noblewoman who rose to leadership of her house despite the machinations of her rivals within the House.

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