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Post by Radio Free Minos on Sat Feb 13, 2016 1:22 am

The Imperial Armed Forces are the largest military-industrial complex in galactic history. Never before has such a large, well-equipped, and disciplined force ever been assembled. No foe can stand before the might of the Imperial military.

Of course, the military is not the monolithic entity the average citizen believes it to be. The various branches of the military each have their own mission, training, equipment, battle doctrine ... and agenda. While they may all have the ultimate goal of serving the Emperor's will, there is much disagreement on how that is to be accomplished, and which branch is the most crucial in implementing His vision.

Imperial Army
Under the Old Republic, each planet had the duty to train, equip, and maintain its own planetary defense force. In fact, until the creation of the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars, the Republic was not allowed to maintain a federal military force. During the Clone Wars, the various planetary defense forces were brought under federal jurisdiction, and as part of the transition to Imperial rule, these forces were reorganized and rebranded as the Imperial Army. While each planet continues to provide personnel for their local Imperial Army garrison, training and equipment has become standardized. Most garrisons act as a defensive force for their homeworld, but are sometimes deployed to active combat zones nearby if and when Imperial High Command deems it necessary. The other branches of the military consider the Army to be the least important branch, a reserve force of second-rate soldiers.

Imperial Navy
The Imperial Navy has its origins in the Clone Wars, as a new modern naval force was needed to transport the clone army to distant battlefields. Just as the old planetary defense forces were federalized and reorganized as the Imperial Army, the various planetary defense fleets were drafted into service with the main battle fleet, and now serve as reserve units supporting the main battle fleet. The backbone of the fleet are the Imperial-class Star Destroyers, each of which acts as a battleship, carrier, and mobile command base for a legion of Imperial Stormtroopers. Due to the crushing financial burden of building and maintaining each Star Destroyer, the Navy maintains an extensive fleet of smaller ships with more specific mission profiles. In addition to fleet actions against enemies of the state, the Navy also maintains patrols to keep the space lanes safe from pirates, smugglers, and any other threat to the safety of the Empire. Because the Navy has the biggest toys and other branches must rely on them for transport, this branch often considers itself to be the most important branch of the Imperial military.

Imperial Stormtroopers
Nothing strikes fear into the hearts of the enemies of the Empire like the sight of its white-clad Stormtroopers. This organization has its origins in the clones of the Grand Army of the Republic, but in the twenty years since the end of the Clone Wars, the organization has transitioned to a non-clone makeup. No one really knows who the Stormtroopers are; once a person enters the training program, their official records are erased, and thereafter they are known only by their official designation. Stormtroopers receive the best training and equipment to be found in the Empire, and are the most elite combat unit in the military. While their numbers are much smaller than the Imperial Army, they are always stationed in locations likely to see combat, and are always deployed first into any combat zone. Thus, aside from the Star Destroyer, the Stormtrooper is the most recognizable symbol of Imperial military might.

Imperial Intelligence
This organization survived mostly intact during the transition from Republic to Empire. Almost every Imperial base, outpost, starship, and military unit has an intelligence officer attached. Intelligence personnel act as staff officers, advising military commanders on any relevant intelligence; field agents, gathering useful intelligence to transmit back to base; and analysts, who connect the dots using data from field agents to create useful intelligence for the staff officers. Because the Empire's greatest military threats are also considered criminals, Intelligence investigations frequently overlap with the Imperial Security Bureau, a non-military law enforcement agency; there is little love lost between these agencies.

Notable Personnel:

  • Moff Abran Balfour - The military governor of the Minos Cluster. In addition to commanding the civilian government, Moff Balfour is also the supreme commander of the local military forces.
  • Captain Dwin Arnae - Commanding officer of the Chariot, a Victory-class Star Destroyer and the flagship of the local Imperial Navy.
  • Commander Babel Torsch - Commanding officer of a Guardian-class frigate, known to relentlessly pursue suspected smugglers and pirates.

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