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Post by Radio Free Minos on Fri Mar 04, 2016 3:49 pm

The Church rose to power on Pergitor following a catastrophic environmental disaster. It was once a minor conservative religious group that became much more popular as it preached that the disaster was a result of greed and excess on the part of the corporate leaders who ran the planet's mining operations. Riding a surge of popular support, the Church overthrew the corporate leadership and set up an authoritarian fundamentalist theocracy. Once in power, the Church began to reorganize the law and society to fit their more conservative worldview:
  1. The use of any drugs or artificial stimulants, including any and all forms of medication, is strictly forbidden.
  2. It is illegal to promote or discuss the possible existence of any sort of paranormal abilities.
  3. No public entertainment is permitted - this includes any sort of singing, holovids, or telling jokes.
  4. It is forbidden to import any sort of luxury good, including jewelry or precious metals.
  5. Sacrilege of any kind against the Church of Infinite Perception is a capital offense.

The conservative values and draconian enforcement of the Church are compatible with those of the Galactic Empire, so the Imperials mostly let the Church run the show locally, so long as their taxes are paid.

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