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Post by Radio Free Minos on Sat Feb 13, 2016 1:43 am

COMPNOR is the Committee for the Preservation of the New Order. Originally founded on Imperial Center (then known as Coruscant) as a political party that advocated for increased executive power to protect the Republic during the Clone Wars. With the ascension of the Emperor, COMPNOR was adopted as the Emperor's official political party, and has essentially become a part of the Imperial bureaucracy. While COMPNOR is not itself a government body, it is as pro-Imperial as one can get, and membership in COMPNOR is a significant boost to the career of anyone seeking high political, bureaucratic, or military positions (some would even say it's necessary). In addition to the political machine, several subsidiary organizations have arisen under the COMPNOR umbrella.

SA Group
The Sub-Adult Group trains the modern young adult on how to be a model Imperial citizen. Training courses include leadership skills, basic combat training, political theory, and the law. Once a young person reaches the age of majority, they graduate from the SA Group and can easily find an appointment at any prestigious university, military academy, or civil service.

Ministry of Information
The propaganda arm of COMPNOR has gained quasi-official status within the Imperial bureaucracy. While it cannot directly enforce censorship or other measures, they have sufficient influence over law enforcement and the justice system to ensure that their standards for what is fit for civilian consumption is enforced throughout the Empire. Many an aspiring artist has found themselves "blacklisted" (or worse) after running afoul of the Ministry of Information.

The paramilitary arm of COMPNOR, these units have no official military or law enforcement status. However, as long as they don't directly oppose the military or law enforcement, they are mostly allowed to do as they wish. These are not the disciplined soldiers of the Imperial Military; they are thugs and bullies serving the ideology of the New Order. There is little love lost between CompForce and the regular military; the military consider CompForce to be psychopathic amateurs, while CompForce questions the loyalty of any soldier who doesn't share their fanaticism.

Imperial Security Bureau
What started as a COMPNOR attempt to police the populace to curb "improper behavior and political thought," has evolved into the official law enforcement body of the Empire. While local law enforcement still exists in each system, ISB agents have jurisdiction throughout Imperial space. Criminals and enemies of the state who fail to keep a low profile frequently find themselves at the wrong end of an ISB officer's blaster. Due to the overlap in both their investigative duties and their targets, the ISB frequently finds itself in competition with Imperial Intelligence.

Notable Personnel:

  • Agent Elena Shelvay - An ISB agent known to be hunting for Rebels and their sympathizers in the Minos Cluster.

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