Mystery of Quockra IV

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Mystery of Quockra IV Empty Mystery of Quockra IV

Post by Radio Free Minos on Fri Mar 04, 2016 2:18 pm

Originator: University of Darakin
Fee: 10,000cr

A noted professor of xenoarchaeology has proposed an expedition to Quockra IV to delve into the origins of the "indigenous" droid population of that world. It has been long theorized that the droids are the remnants of a now-dead civilization, or perhaps the sole survivors of an ancient crashed ship. The professor and his team are seeking individuals to provide round-trip transport between Travnin and Quockra IV for both passengers and cargo, as well as providing security and other essential non-academic skills once planetside. Interested parties should contact the University department of xenoarchaeology for more details.

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