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Post by Radio Free Minos on Wed Mar 02, 2016 4:42 pm

Mercenary Companies

Mercenaries are private soldiers for hire, available to clients who have security and/or violence needs. Under Imperial law, getting licensed as an individual mercenary is difficult, though there are some who do this kind of work illegally. It is much easier for prospective mercenaries to sign on with an established mercenary company, which is already licensed. Mercenary units range in size from small squads to full regiments, but they are rarely fielded in large numbers. Usually a larger unit will have its mercenaries engaged in multiple smaller contracts at once. Some have long-term contracts, while others work single-mission contracts.

Notable Mercenary Companies:
  • Ailon Nova Guard (based on Travnin)
  • Churhee's Riflemen (based on Yelsain)
  • First Sun Mobile Regiment (based on Travnin) - currently under contract to the Imperial Military
  • Laramus Base Irregulars (based on Yelsain)
  • Grrytok's Band (based on Eliad) - currently under contract to House Barnaba

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