Minos-Mestra Corporation (asteroid mining)

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Minos-Mestra Corporation (asteroid mining) Empty Minos-Mestra Corporation (asteroid mining)

Post by Radio Free Minos on Wed Mar 02, 2016 3:37 pm

Minos-Mestra Corporation

Minos-Mestra is the premier mining corporation in the Minos Cluster. Although their mining operations are limited to the Mestra system, their output allows them to out-compete their small-time rivals elsewhere in the Minos Cluster. For many years their main competition was the Jesa Corporation, which controlled planetary mining, but the loss of their corporate headquarters on Pergitor during a bloody coup caused the collapse of that company, leaving Minos-Mestra as the only major player locally. One of the major stockholders in the corporation is House Calispa of Eliad, and this legacy has influence corporate culture - the board of directors and major shareholders wield power much like the nobility. While many independent prospectors and corporate employees dream of striking it rich and buying into the noveau riche elite, in practice the company takes such a high percentage of any such find that the rich/poor divide in the company has become practically hereditary. Although some younger members of the noveau riche have spoken out against "exploitative" corporate practices, most dismiss this social movement as a temporary fad of a bunch of spoiled rich kids.

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