Darakin University (institute of higher learning)

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Darakin University (institute of higher learning) Empty Darakin University (institute of higher learning)

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Darakin University
While there are smaller colleges and trade schools throughout the Minos Cluster, none can rival the academic quality or prestige of Darakin University. Originally founded by House Reena, the University still maintains close ties to that Houes; many of its professors and deans have been either nobles or retainers from that House. Most young nobles and anyone else who can afford tuition receives their education here. Despite its connection to the nobility, the University is generally seen as being socially progressive. While the professors never criticize the Empire outright, the ISB has sent investigators to speak to some professors on occasion. One steadfast rule of the University is that it is open to all species, so having a student ID card is one of the few ways for aliens to travel freely outside their designated districts on Travnin. Because the University is involved in all manner of scientific and archaeological research, it frequently sponsors expeditions and studies that may require the assistance and expertise of non-academic types, such as pilots and security personnel.

Notable Personnel:
  • Emil Skoff - A well-known Human professor who teaches courses in history and anthropology.

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