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Post by Radio Free Minos on Wed Feb 17, 2016 11:51 am

Rebel Alliance
Officially titled the Alliance to Restore the Republic, known to most as the Rebel Alliance, the Rebellion, or simply the Rebels. The Empire can't seem to make up its mind about this group. Official propaganda from the Ministry of Information denies the existence of an organized Rebel movement; however, being a Rebel or Rebel sympathizer is a crime, and there are bounties for known Rebels on the official boards. Because this group must exist in the shadows for its own survival, most of us know little more than stories. The official line (which simultaneously denies their existence) is that they are a group of criminals and/or terrorists. Some speculate that this is the remnant of the Separatists who escaped Imperial justice at the end of the Clone Wars, though their aims and methods don't really line up. Others believe that the Rebellion was started by politicians from the Old Republic who opposed the transition to Empire and the consolidation of executive power in the Emperor. Rumors persist that this group is growing in size, becoming more organized, and (perhaps most alarmingly) becoming much better armed. Whatever your political views on this topic, it's best to avoid mentioning it in the wrong company.

Notable Personnel:
  • Corwin Shelvay - The Empire's #1 target in the Minos Cluster. Some suspect he has a leadership position in the Rebellion.
  • Chances are that if a Rebel's name becomes known, he's not going to last much longer. We'll update as new bounties get posted.

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