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Post by Radio Free Minos on Tue Feb 16, 2016 3:35 pm

Swoop Gangs
Swoops are like speeder bikes, but much more dangerous (to the pilot and anyone in his path). Swoop gangs are groups of maladjusted young people who ride swoop bikes for the thrill, frequently coupled with criminal activity and/or violence. Such gangs are most common on worlds with large urban communities, a large and segregated poor population, and law enforcement that can't deal with them effectively (or doesn't care, because they terrorize poor people and aliens). In the Minos Cluster, there are a few swoop gangs on the Hutt payroll; the independent gangs are (surprisingly) found on Travnin. So long as they restrict their activities to the slums, alien districts, and the ruins of the swoop arena, the Imperial authorities are content to leave the problem alone. If a swoop gang accidentally sets foot in a nice part of town, the Imperial response usually involves Stormtroopers.

Notable Personnel:
  • Jeng Seth - Human sociopathic leader of the Skulls, a gang that specializes in senseless violence.
  • Finegan Flint - Human leader of the Knights, formed to protect their neighborhoods from their rivals, the Skulls.
  • Bloodsniffers - No one knows who leads this gang, but they wear red and are known to wipe out entire settlements if they don't get paid off. They have been spotted on multiple worlds, so they must have access to a starship for transport.

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