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Post by Radio Free Minos on Tue Feb 16, 2016 3:18 pm

Pirate Clans
Piracy is a serious threat to commercial space travel and shipping throughout civilized space. In the Core Worlds, where Imperial Navy patrols are frequent and strong, pirates tend not to last long. On the Outer Rim, where the Imperial Navy is spread thin, piracy is a serious problem. That is the main reason why the BoSS (Bureau of Ships & Services) allows privately owned starships in the Outer Rim to mount defensive weaponry - it allows legitimate spacers some measure of self-defense against pirates.

There is no cohesive organization for pirates. Each ship is a nation unto itself, beholden only to its captain (whoever that may be this week). Some pirates treat crews well if they don't resist, stealing the cargo and ship but leaving the crew unharmed; this is good business, since it encourages crew to surrender without a fight. Some pirates kill everyone so as not to leave witnesses. Some pirates sell their captives into slavery.

Pirate ships tend to be much more heavily armed than most private craft or merchant freighters. If you see a pirate, run like hell and hope (for once!) that there's an Imperial cruiser close enough to help.

Notable Personnel:
  • Tor Skylow - Human captain of the Counter Puncher (Guardian-class frigate).
  • Jacob Nive - Human captain of the Backstab (Corellian corvette).
  • Thalassian Slavers - Thalassian crew of the slaving ship Harmzuay (Kaloth-class battlecruiser).
  • Dharus - Alien (unknown) captain of the Dark Revenge (Corellian gunship).
  • Thila the Slaver - Sullustan captain of the Arkanian Dawn (Thalassian slave transport).

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