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Post by Radio Free Minos on Tue Feb 16, 2016 2:41 pm

Bounty Hunters' Guild
Bounty Hunters track down criminals for money. Each Bounty Hunter is licensed by the Empire, and is exempt from certain laws (such as weapon restrictions or the use of violence) in the pursuit of lawful targets. Bounties may be posted by an approved law enforcement agency (Imperial or local), as well as corporations. Law enforcement may place bounties for criminal acts, while corporate bounties are purely for civil infractions. Private bounties and bounties from known criminal organizations are not legally sanctioned, so Hunters cannot expect the same freedoms in the pursuit of illegal targets.

In theory, Bounty Hunters operate under a code of professional conduct: don't interfere with another Hunter (though competing for the same target is allowed); don't kill another Hunter; don't kill a target unless necessary or required by the contract; don't break the law in the pursuit of a target. In practice, successful Hunters rarely follow these rules, and tend to laugh at any newcomers who quote the rules to them. So long as there is little collateral damage, the Empire rarely intervenes in a conflict between Hunters.

The Guild is more of a professional talent agency than a real law enforcement agency. Licensed Bounty Hunters can visit the Guild in their Sector to check up on the latest bounty postings. People looking to post a bounty can contact the local Guild, though the Guild will not register any illegal/private bounties (at least, not officially). The roster of local Hunters is always changing, as some die, others retire, and a few move on to other areas of the Galaxy.

Notable Personnel:
  • Tyionsis Cex - Srrors'tok bounty hunter with a grudge against the Rebel Alliance.
  • Moxin Tark - Human bounty hunter who wears the distinctive armor of the Sun Guards of Thyrsus.
  • Yarr Gatone - Human 2nd generation bounty hunter, son of bounty hunter Resh Gatonne.
  • Saras Krenin - Rodian bounty hunter known for announcing publicly when she begins a hunt for a particular target.
  • Sabran - Human bounty hunter known to be an expert linguist (she claims to be fluent in over 300 forms of communication).
  • Baraduk - Barabel bounty hunter who is as subtle as the rocket launcher he carries.
  • Galasett - Kerestian bounty hunter who hunts other bounty hunters that have run afoul of the law.
  • Tyrn Jiton - Devaronian bounty hunter known for his love of gambling and carousing.
  • Alic & Vika Surn - Human brother & sister bounty hunters.
  • Reglis Tal - Human bounty hunter known to take targets alive whenever possible.
  • Tantor - Esoomian bounty hunter with a big vibroaxe who likes simple, straightforward jobs with little thinking required.
  • Zardra - Human bounty hunter who chooses targets based on the perceived challenge, rather than the payout.
  • Grefnakk - Gamorrean bounty hunter who is a brute and a bully.
  • Malis - Human bounty hunter who prefers to hunt Rebel agents and their sympathizers.
  • Carn'ar - Aqualish bounty hunter who uses projectile firearms rather than blasters.
  • H'rinnrada - Rodian bounty hunter who has a reputation for being untrustworthy, turning on former employers as soon as the contract is complete.
  • Morr - Defel bounty hunter who uses her species' natural stealth to stalk her targets.
  • Illist Mandrep - Arconian bounty hunter who is a drug addict, carries lots of weapons, and is fucking crazy.
  • Gradress Nall - Human 3rd generation bounty hunter, known for being an arrogant dick.
  • Janildakara - Human bounty hunter who prefers to hunt slavers.
  • Wexlann Tarn - Human bounty hunter, a noble from the Core Worlds who hunts for sport rather than money.
  • Chenlambec - Wookie bounty hunter who prefers to hunt Rebels and escaped slaves, but never brings them back alive.

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