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Yelsain (forest world) Empty Yelsain (forest world)

Post by Radio Free Minos on Mon Feb 15, 2016 2:06 pm

  • Type: Terrestrial
  • Temperature: Cool
  • Atmosphere: Type I (breathable)
  • Hydrosphere: Moist
  • Gravity: Low
  • Terrain: Forest
  • Length of Day: 24 standard hours
  • Length of Year: 249 local days
  • Sapient Species: Human (primary)
  • Starport: Stellar-class
  • Population: 4.5 billion
  • Planet Function: Agriculture
  • Government: Imperial governor (in the capital)
  • Tech Level: Atomic
  • Major Exports: Food, Wood
  • Major Imports: Basic mechanical equipment & electronics

Description: Yelsain is a heavily forested world that sports incredibly tall trees, due to the low local gravity. The population is made up primarily of farmers, hunters, and loggers - Yelsain is the breadbasket of the Minos Cluster. However, the local population is also possessed of an independent streak a kilometer wide, which has given the local Imperial garrison no end of trouble. The Imperials don't even bother trying to tax the people anymore - it's not cost effective to send troops into the woods looking for heavily armed tax dodgers who don't want to be found. Rather, the Imperials impose higher-than-normal taxes on all imports and exports. Yelain is also known to be home to a diverse array of fauna, including several large predators. As a result, this is a favorite destination for rich safari hunters who usually do little more than annoy the locals and provide a tasty snack for something large with lots of teeth.

Points of Interest:
  • none

Notable Factions:
  • Mercenary Companies (Churhee's Riflemen, Laramus Base Irregulars)

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