Saber Rakes (flamboyant duelists)

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Saber Rakes (flamboyant duelists) Empty Saber Rakes (flamboyant duelists)

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Saber Rakes
The Saber Rakes are brash young duelists belonging to almost every Noble House.

Dueling remains an acceptable way to settle legal disputes and matters of honor between Noble Houses. A few years ago, a young Calipsa duelist happened upon a cache of old lightsabers in a ruined manor on former Pelagia lands. These weapons saw a brief period of use in official duels before the Inquisitorious made an appearance, confiscated the lightsabers and arrested anyone connected with them. But not before a retainer of one of the houses, a promising young engineer, had the opportunity to examine the lightsabers and learn something about their construction. Though he lacked the necessary sensitivity to the Force to build a true lightsaber, he was able to create a reasonably functional replica dubbed the lightfoil. They quickly became popular with young duelists who could afford to purchase one.

The Inquisitorious has made no further efforts to curtail the use of lightfoils. However, lightfoils may not be employed in any legally sanctioned duel, so the Saber Rakes are more of an underground fight club to settle matters of honor.

Notable Personnel:
  • Lord Alec Lamere Barnaba - Somewhat unusual for a Barnaba noble, Lord Alec is an accomplished duelist and negotiator, and has often been used by his house's leadership to see to Barnaba interests.

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