House Calipsa (corporate interests)

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House Calipsa (corporate interests) Empty House Calipsa (corporate interests)

Post by Radio Free Minos on Mon Feb 15, 2016 11:20 am

House Calipsa
House Calipsa was always more interested in profit than politics. When the Republic transitioned into the Empire, they barely noticed. Their exile to Eliad bothers them little, so long as they can continue to manage their various business interests throughout the Minos Cluster. Perhaps their greatest investment is in the Minos-Mestra Corporation, of which they were a founding member and in which they hold a significant stake. The profits from mining in the Mestra system alone makes them one of the richest Noble Houses, though they do have financial interests in other corporations operating throughout the Cluster.

It is said that House Calipsa doesn't have allies or enemies - they have business partners and competitors. They are currently on good terms with House Mecetti (but would likely become allies of convenience with whoever is in charge, if Mecetti were to be deposed), and have cooler relations with Houses Cadriaan, Melantha, and Pelagia.

Notable Personnel:
  • Lord Weston Warsheld Calipsa - At 108, Lord Weston has ruled his house for 87 years. Age has taken its toll, and he is now confined to a repulsor-chair.

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