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The Imperial Inquisition was founded by those Jedi who stayed loyal to their government when the Jedi Council attempted to overthrow the Senate at the end of the Clone Wars. Though few in number, those loyal Jedi became the first Inquisitors, tasked with tracking down their fugitive comrades and either convincing them to serve their lawful government, or eliminating them as enemies of the state. They also search for any individuals displaying unique abilities - abilities which may be dangerous to themselves or others without the proper instruction. Such individuals, when discovered, are given the option to return to Imperial Center with the Inquisitor to be tested and, if warranted, receive the proper training. Those who decline are imprisoned for the common good. Actual Inquisitors are few and far between - not even every Sector has one. But the Inquisition has a small but highly trained support network, including dedicated intelligence officers and specially-trained Stormtrooper units sporting all black armor instead of the traditional white. Rumor has it that the red-clad Royal Guard, charged with the personal safety of the Emperor, are recruited exclusively from such units.

In the Minos Cluster, a single Inquisitor makes his home on Travnin. He and his support staff are rumored to be based in a remote outpost in the mountains, far from any civilian population.

Notable Personnel:
  • High Inquisitor Antinnis Tremayne - A former Jedi Knight and war hero of the Clone Wars. During the attempted Jedi Coup 20 years ago, he personally helped defend the Emperor from an assassination attempt by his former comrades. As there has not been a Jedi sighting in over a decade, Inquisitor Tremayne is rarely seen in public.

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